The Bournemouth Chest Diseases Charitable Trust



Our History

In 1989 Dr Jonathan Turner set up the Trust by with the aim “to raise funds, specifically to improve the quality of care, treatment and facilities for patients with chest diseases”.  He appointed trustees to run the charity which is registered with the charity commission.  The trustees ensure the charity is governed appropriately and the funds invested and spent in areas as directed by its mission statement.

A £1 million bequest was donated to the Bournemouth Chest Diseases Charitable Trust, by a Bournemouth resident who was a patient of Dr Turner's for many years.   This money, along with additional donations and bequests received since, have been invested and managed by the Trust to ensure maximum benefit for patients with chest diseases in the area.   

A Board of Trustees meet twice a year and oversee the administration of the charitable trust.  This includes a local accountant, a general practitioner and 2 retired consultant physicians.  Dr Laws attends as Honorary Secretary and medical advisor.

The Charitable Trust aims to fund extra services or equipment which will help patients with respiratory diseases.  This has enabled appointments of personnel earlier that would usually be funded, prime pumping of new services, appointment of extra staff to cover stretched services, higher quality facilities and additional equipment above which would be normally provided by the NHS.  This has been done with the full support of the NHS hospital trust.

Department of Thoracic Medicine

Royal Bournemouth Hospital
Castle Lane East

Tel: (01202) 705768