The Bournemouth Chest Diseases Charitable Trust


The Bournemouth Chest Diseases Charitable Trust has funded the following projects:
Refurbishment of the Department of Thoracic Medicine for £850,000

In 2000 the Department of Thoracic medicine underwent a major refurbishment costing approximately £850,000 including building work, fixtures, fittings, furniture and new equipment cost.  It took six months to carry out the refurbishment programme, which was designed by architect John Alexander. The department now provides a high quality waiting area and additional areas to provide extra services necessary, including a Respiratory Rehabilitation Gym and research office.  It has given more clinic space for assessments and treatments and there is an atmosphere of peace and comfort for the patients to be in while they are awaiting consultation and treatment.  The specialist nurses have their own offices and there is a quiet room with comfortable chairs to talk to patients who are anxious or distressed.

Prime pumping

... to assist earlier appointment of 2 consultants at Bournemouth and 1 at Poole.

Initial funding to set up pulmonary rehabilitation at Bournemouth

Pulmonary rehabilitation was started in Bournemouth Hospital in 2000 as a result of an investment from the charitable trust. The service was set up at a time when there was very little provision of pulmonary rehabilitation nationally thereby allowing Bournemouth patients to benefit from this early compared with other areas.  It is now recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) but is still not available in many parts of the country.

Pulmonary rehabilitation provides a valuable service to patients with breathless enabling them to learn to live with their chest condition and achieve better function and quality of life.  It consists of a one-to-one assessment followed by an individualised exercise programme.  Group education and exercise follows for 7 weeks twice a week Patients have responded with extremely high positive feedback to the course.

Funding of pulmonary rehabilitation at Wimborne Hospital for 2years

Funding to increase availability of lung cancer nurse specialists

Donation towards new spiral CT scan (£60,000)

Funding of respiratory research Nurse

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