The Bournemouth Chest Diseases Charitable Trust


Projects - continued

Development of Acute Lung unit

The Acute Lung unit was formally opened in 2008 by Mrs Fiona Castle (widow of the entertainer, Roy Castle).  The BCDCT supported this development with a donation of £225,000 which included specialist equipment and the appointment of a new consultant.

The Acute Lung Unit is a two bedded area on our respiratory ward (ward 2) which provides assisted ventilation (support for breathing) to patients with failing lungs.  This is usually either due to advanced smoking damage or due to problems associated with weakness of muscles or chest wall abnormalities causing stress on the normal breathing movement

These patients are often admitted unable to get enough oxygen into their bodies or able to get rid of the dangerous carbon dioxide.  A mask applied to the face, which is connected to a machine, which provides pressurised air at the same time as breathing in and out supports the patient’s breathing, rapidly improves their intake of oxygen and helps them to get rid of the carbon dioxide.  Quickly patients can feel less breathless and this improves the chance of their survival.  This has been proven to be very successful in many parts of the country and has now been available to our patients since 2007 and has helped over hundred people per year since then.

Acute Lung Unit Bed
Non-invasive Ventilator

Purchase of State of the art Thoracic Ultrasound machine

Support for the education and development of specialist nurses

Purchase of equipment for respiratory wards including recliner chairs and foot stools

Model for training doctors to practice performing invasive tests (bronchoscopy)

Current projects

The Charitable Trust works with the consultant chest physicians at Royal Bournemouth Hospital to identify suitable projects to support.  Current projects include:

Purchase of Endobronchial Ultrasound scope

Purchase of DVD recorder of endoscopic procedures

Support for training of consultant to learn new specialist techniques

Improvement of facilities on respiratory wards